Complex Care Program

For most children, obtaining coordinated medical care is not an issue. For generally healthy children, coordination of care is handled through primary care physicians who provide for nearly all of their patients medical needs.

Then, there are children whose medical problems cross the boundaries of five, six or even more specialties. For these children, there is no one single physician or specialist who provided the majority of care.


The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Complex Care Program assists primary care pediatricians and specialist in coordinating care. Medical Director John Gordon, MD oversees hospitalizations, and coordinated care conferences, pulling together all of the medical specialists involved and periodically updating the child’s medical history. All of the information fits together like a jigsaw puzzle making sure that everything fits.


Meanwhile, families benefit from the services of a nursing case manager to help them navigate the medical environment. Case managers also make arrangements for home nursing care when required and ensure all the necessary equipment and supplies are available when needed. They consult with and support primary care physicians and families to ensure continuity of care. The health care needs of children are growing in a time when government support is shrinking dramatically and more U.S. families than ever are uninsured. Private philanthropy is essential to meet the needs of these very special children and to support the non-clinical activities that enhance the quality of care for all children with complex medical needs.


Just a Little Faith Foundation is a section 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a mission to build awareness about children with special needs and raise funds to ensure that the best possible care is possible.


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